Benefits of Tongkat Ali for both Men and Women

Tongkat Ali has been used for centuries in Malaysia and other Asian countries as health tonic, an aphrodisiac and as folkloric medicine for the following medical conditions:

  • It can aid in destroying  cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.
  • It can aid in the healing or prevention of stomach ulcers
  • It act as antibacterial to slow the growth or even kill harmful bacteria
  • It can aid in reducing or avoiding fevers and managing allergies

Benefits for Men

It had been proven to increase your levels of free testosterone, the crucial male hormone for maintaining the following:

  • Tongkat Ali increases sexual desire and stamina
  • Enhances sexual and physical performance
  • Aids in cases of weak erections, impotence, and premature (or irregular) ejaculation
  • Combats infertility and Increases sperm count and motility
  • Builds muscle mass and decreases body fat
  • Reduces fatigue

Benefits for Women

Aside from the above benefits mainly for men, Tongkat Ali also has a lot of benefits for women like the following:

  • It make women’s bone stronger and reduce body fat
  • It can help bring back women’s sexual desires even when menopause
  • It can help tighten women’s abdomen and regain sensual wellness after pregnancy
  • Serves as antioxidant
  • Can help women get rid of water retention
  • It can increase women’s testosterone but should be consumed at lower doses than men.

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