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“God’s Not Dead” Urban Spin-off Announced: “GOD AIN’T DEAD”

“God’s Not Dead” Urban Spin-off Announced: “GOD AIN’T DEAD”

ATLANTA, GA - Christian media giant, PureFlix, has announced their first spin-off from the popular God’s Not Dead franchise, “GOD AIN’T DEAD.”

Set in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, “GOD AIN’T DEAD” will follow the story of 15 year-old Marcelo Williams, as his family plants a church in a drug filled neighborhood.

While details are still unclear as to the message the film will present, an unnamed PureFlix executive stated, “We heard that our prior three films had not drilled into the minds of a few angsty teenagers that God is in fact, not dead, so we decided an urban set film may do more to reach these uneducated minds.”

The film is set to feature Kanye West as Marcelo’s father, with Shane Harper and David A.R. White both reprising their roles from previous films.

PureFlix is currently casting roles for the film and seeking actors aged 14-18. Those interested should submit their five highest viewed TikTok videos to

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